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Domaine de Châtenoy


Our motto « no good wine without good grapes »

The vineyard

The vineyard

Menetou-Salon vineyard has a semi-continental climate, which is favourable for the grapes of Sauvignon blanc and Pinot Noir perfect ripening. Our 60 hectares of vines are judiciously located on the best Clos of the Menetou-Salon Appellation. To complement our Domain, we also look after some vineyards of our long-term partners growers. Two thirds of the vines are devoted to Sauvignon blanc, and the rest to Pinot Noir. Our Menetou Salon vines are trained low and straight, with a density of 8000 plants per hectare. Clos de Coquin , Clos des Treilles , Clos saint Pierre , Clos de Bâton , Clos du Lardat , Clos des Barres …, each plot, registered by our ancestors in the cadastre since many generations , is the tangible proof of the Menetou-Salon vineyard longevity.

The Terroir

The terroir of Menetou-Salon is unique and an authentic gem of the Central Loire vineyards. This terroir was born during the second geological period, and consists of Kimmeridgian limestone-clay which we call « Oreille de Poule » (chicken’s ear) because of the shape of the clusters of little fossilised oyster shells.

The birth-place of the Sauvignon grape, the alliance between the terroir and the climate is also ideal for Pinot Noir.

Techniques are evolving but the guiding hand of man remains irreplaceable.

A large part of our vineyards consists of vines over 40 years of age, it is the cornerstone of the quality of our wines. In order to preserve our ancestral genetic heritage, we carried out vines selection (‘selection massale’). We chose the clones on one of our Sauvignon blanc plot where the plants are over 80 years old.

Terra vitis : sustainable viticulture and respect for viticultural heritage.

The domain is accredited TERRA VITIS.

Environmental friendliness is a priority commitment for Isabelle and Pierre Clement. Our work is resolutely future facing to hand on our natural heritage to future generations.

The Terra Vitis approach includes a full range of measures to maintain and enhance biodiversity, the beauty of our viticultural countryside and a living earth.

Find out more about Terra Vitis

The Harvest

Our motto is… « no good wine without good grapes »

The team puts everything in place to respect this maxim.

Man’s hand is irreplaceable to bring each vine stock all the necessary attention.

In order to ensure only the best grapes are picked, the ideal harvest date is chosen for each parcel.

The harvest date is chosen ideally for each plot of AOC METOU SALON in order to extract the quintessence of our grappes and benefit at maximum from our one year’s hard work.

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