The vineyard, at the very heart of our history

The Cléments

A legacy of passion

Anne obtained a Master in Business from Rouen Business School and acquired experiences in the wine industry by working in New Zealand and in the USA. Then, in 2014, she decided to join the family adventure in Menetou-Salon.

No trigger but a patently obvious choice and the fantastic opportunity to do an exciting and fascinating job and to follow her parents’ footsteps.
This heritage, the Harvest excitements and sorrows due to climatic hazards – frost, hail- have shaped her youth, she has always felt part of something bigger than herself.

Isabelle and Pierre welcome with joy and confidence the involvement of their daughter. They are proud to have transmitted to their three children, Anne and also Marie and Pierre-Alexandre, this deep-rooted passion for the vineyard and for their winery in Menetou Salon.

Pierre Clément

Wine is a passion which has also infused and inspired Pierre CLEMENT from an early age.

His father told him stories about their ancestors. In particular, he told him that his great grand-father, Pierre Clement, contracted « a chaud rafferdi/ a hot-cooled »- presumably a pneumonia while delivering wine with a horse drawn carriage. He died and left behind him his son, Pierre-Alexandre, 15, who had to take care of the farm in Menetou-Salon.

Pierre has never dreamed of doing another job: more than a job, it is his passion , his life. After obtaining a degree in oenology, he took over the family business in 1984 , comprised of around 12 hectares of vines A.O.C Menetou-Salon at that time.

For more than 30 years, Pierre has been a committed defender of Menetou-Salon A.O.C and has tirelessly contributed to promote this Appellation with all his wine-makers friends.

A love story

In 1985, Pierre married Isabelle. She resigned as a teacher and jump in the adventure.

Side by side, steps by steps, heads filled with projects, they developed and extended to give the domaine its present shape : More than 60 hectares of vines planted on the Appellation Menetou-Salon best plots.

In the old days

Our ancestors had a very sedentary lifestyle, and most of the time, they married the girls from the closeby village.

The song of Menetou-Salon describes it well :

« We have very nice and proud girls ,
butter, corn and handsome men ,
apple, and a local apple variety,
and delicious white wine »

As early as 1560, Sébastien Clément was already known as a renowned wine-maker in Menetou-Salon.

In 1750, Paul Clément settled in Châtenoy (Menetou-Salon).

In 1891, Pierre-Alexandre Clement is one of the founding fathers of the wine-maker association in Menetou-Salon. In the early 1900’s, he was a pioneer in replanting Sauvignon blanc after the devastation caused by Phylloxera. The plants used are grafted vines consisting of rootstocks resistant to phylloxera.
Our special cuvée « Pierre-Alexandre » pays tribute to him. The birth house of Pierre-Alexandre Clement was completely renovated and restored in 2012 by Isabelle and Pierre CLEMENT. This house is located in front of the gates and is used by the team.

Our Roots

The Clements has been wine-producers since a very long time ; they are well-known in Menetou-Salon as early as 1560. Thanks to records, documents and oral stories we were able to go back in time.

Sébastien CLÉMENT (-1620)
Anne MILLET (1567-1627)

Philippe CLÉMENT (1585-1650)
Estiennette BERTHET (1595-1662)

Georges CLÉMENT (1620-1665)

Jean CLÉMENT (1655-1715)

Jean CLÉMENT (1682-1729)

Paul CLÉMENT (1709)

Pierre CLÉMENT (1753)
Marie –Jeanne BESSY

Louis CLÉMENT (1780-1842)

Edme CLÉMENT (1807-1858)
Marie TEILLET (1810)

Pierre CLÉMENT (1834-1875)
Joséphine TEILLET (1840-1890)

Pierre-Alexandre CLÉMENT (1860-1945)
Alphonsine CHAVET (1876-1965)

Pierre CLÉMENT (1902-1973)
Raymonde GUILLAUDEAU (1908-1995)

Bernard CLÉMENT (1933)
Edith LOSTRIE (1932)

Isabelle et Pierre CLÉMENT, owner.

Accompanied by Marie, Anne and Pierre-Alexandre.